Nick Riewoldt

June 14, 2022

St Kilda’s longest serving captain, Nick Riewoldt, believes Tasmania will secure a 19th AFL and AFLW licence following decades of failed endeavours.

As I sit here, right here, right now I’m so confident on Tassie having their own team

Nick Riewoldt

“But now is not the time for complacency. We gotta hammer this home.

“Just thinking forward four or five years, just the vision of a stadium on the (River) Derwent, full house, running out in this, having a win, spilling out into the city, like it would just be amazing.

“And I think what it would do for the game down there – we have seen it with the JackJumpers, the way people have embraced it.

“To have Tassie then cement itself as a sporting high performance environment – JackJumpers, Hurricanes, Tassie whatevers – yeah, I wanna see it happen. It has to happen.”

On the podcast, Riewoldt details:

  • How he wrestled with his performance anxiety for each of his 336 games
  • How he ensured he’d become the hardest working forward in the league
  • How “ridiculous” it was for Grant Thomas to be sacked on the back of three consecutive finals campaigns
  • And how St Kilda’s failed pursuit of an elusive premiership still has its toll